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But I certainly understand franchise gamers. I love the concept, but it requires a complete redesign and focus. Surprised EA even gets the balls to push the same modes with Mut 21 coins no changes every year.

Together with the lockdown plus weirdness from the nfl itself it's guaranteed to be among the worst, even though I actually liked 20 because of huge improvement over the worst I've ever played19.

I have not bought one in three or four decades. I pretty much only played H2H that I miss, but I'd attempt franchise outside to see if it got any better and it was usually the exact same thing.

I don't care how many new features they add to buy Madden 21 coins franchise, the game will never be entertaining until they change how the cpu picks plays. It doesn't matter how hard you make it, should you make a few adjustments on defense you'll stop the cpu until the two minute marks, than God mode turns on and you need to try hard to make a play.

On offense all I really need to do is really fake the cpu out. I'd really like to actually see some different game programs compared to generic ones they've planned out for every shield.

Went ago and played a madden 12 franchise and it's honestly kind of shocking how much worse that the games have gotten from the last 9 years. The images are undoubtedly better but I can't think of one other component that is honestly an improvement differently.

I grew up without an adequate computer and I did not get my very first actual console until well into high school so I've never really bothered about images. I just want something which performs well lolIt might not be an NFLPA thing but their representatives and staff direction can counsel against it. I'm sure someone important is not happy with this comment and Keenan might hear about it.

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