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I would add the next lines, but anyone could tell you what OSRS Gold the chat room looked like after those first couple of lines. *racist comment. Smiley. Racist comment. A level 132 joins.

My sluggish nature (because one more mark will probly ban me from my account) i often quit conversing at this point. But, this was getting very fascinating. Level 132 states that he has a clan of all black people! Player1 declares that his father is a member of the clan and he hates blks.

Mr Level 132 Counters something like. "I'll get all blacky-chan in you asses." The shizzle is ablaze when other slayers join the fray and take sides. There were 8 individuals in the dungeon and all except for one level 116 began to take sides. They began breaking rules and shouting out racist remarks. The r.s. chat box appeared similar to the script of 50cent. Everyone ignored level 116 because there was no sign of speaking.

Two minutes later, a handful of people from the world of hoppers as well as passerby had joined the fray. In the next five minutes, a few more people from the level132s "all black clan", began to show up. It was like jerry springer taking steroids in runescape. it was a full out verbal battle between white and black! The dungeon was home to 17 people at the peak of operation destroy one another verbally.

We were being racists and spamming our chat box when level 116 spoke. "... Wow" That was all it took to empty the room in less than a second. What was Cheap RS Gold the reason for this ?....? Hahahaha! Level 116 was an upgrade. The entire room was surrounded with blue and red ribbons as people were teleported or simply entered the sight of the Silver Crown.

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