Вопрос Jones Receives Replays at Training Camp, Madden 22 Rating with Watt

9 мес. 3 нед. назад #776 от Dragonborn
It's the beginning of the most exciting defensive line duo that Mut 22 coins the Arizona Cardinals have ever seen. One of them is at training camp while the other is in the camp but isn't working out yet.

Defensive end J.J. Watt and Chandler Jones are predicted to be formidable players for Arizona during the 2021 season. As Cardinals training camp continues but only one of them is currently active.

It's not an important thing in the sense that Watt expressed his joy over the new season. If you talk to a lot of Bird Gang fans, it will be clear that Watt and Jones are frequently mentioned in the same phrase. But that's not stopping the gossip surrounding Jones and his possible trade proposal.

And yet, Jones is in camp regardless. From the reports so far, appears like wearing Cardinals red is the plan. There has to be a convincing argument not to take on J.J. Watt.

Furthermore, there is an enormous difference playing the season with Jones versus playing 2021 without Larry Fitzgerald who has yet to make an appearance. Fitzgerald's impact on cheap Madden 22 coins the field is more powerful than Jones'.

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