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papercupwholesaler создал тему: How to produce high quality bagasse products
Over time, everyone is using biodegradable and environmentally friendly products; Ten years ago, people left to provide food.
With environmental challenges and gatherings, occasions and celebrations, leaves do not function well, hence the choice of sugarcane products identified as bagasse products. In addition, the products are made from renewable resources, so they are healthier.

The production process of bagasse products
Many products are made from sugar cane. As a professional environmental protection company, Hyde offers you unique and high quality bagasse products, such as plates, bowls and so on. Before discussing the functions of our products, let's start with how we make bagasse products.
The process starts with recycled bagasse material; The material contains wet pulp. plastic straw wholesale However, this wet pulp needs to be converted to dry pulp at the beginning of the process; By converting wet pulp to dry pulp, we ensure pure product quality.
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We also need to add oil and water resistant substances to make the material strong and durable. paper bread bags wholesale After completing this process, the material will enter the machine according to various molds, according to product requirements such as bowls and plates. All products have been tested by experts and are resistant to oil and water, making them the perfect choice for every food. Finally, products are sent to consumers for various uses such as parties, birthdays, celebrations, supplies, etc.
The above is our high quality bagasse product manufacturing process
Multi - lattice bagasse board
Multi - inch bagasse round and deep sheet
Bagasse round deep bowl
Bagasse flip box

The above are a few of the bleached white food products of bagasse products that are disposable and available; However, in addition to this, we have multiple compartments and the same products of wheat straw and natural ivory. cornstarch bag wholesale All of our products are lightweight and easy to use. However, it is environmentally friendly and comes with a tight lid. The product has high heat resistance, best for hot and cold food. pla bag wholesale At the same time, the product is natural, solid, solid; Contact us for the perfect product for your ideal business.

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